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WildStar development team turns fan-written poem into song

The team at developer Carbine Studios enjoyed a fan poem for its space-set MMORPG WildStar Online so much that they decided to put it into song, and posted the above video of the team recording the tune on the game's official website.

Several weeks back, Carbine shared an in-game tale of a rebel group that went up against their ruling government. Shortly after, WildStar community member "Dyraele" posted a poem he had written based on the story, called "A Traitor's Whim." The team at Carbine loved the piece, and chose to write a song with the poem as its lyrics.

WildStar is still in development for PC, and the team at Carbine considers this song its Thanksgiving gift to the community for being patient regarding the game's release.

"Over the last year, we've seen our community grow into a group of fans who are firm believers in the world of Nexus and the team here at Carbine," reads a post by the WildStar team on its website. "We've got an entire wall of our studio dedicated to fan art, and it astounds us daily how many of you get inspired by the world we're creating. The world of WildStar isn't just ours anymore; it's in your hands as well."

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