Got an iPad Mini? Feed it these classic games!

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Earlier this month saw the launch of the iPad Mini. At the time, it wasn't readily apparently whether the device would prove as ideal for gamers as it would be for media and web consumers. But, several weeks in, it has quickly become my go-to iOS gaming device. Why? Essentially, its weight and size make it perfect for commute gaming, whereas the standard iPad can prove too bulky for a narrow subway or airplane seat. But, because it's considerably larger than an iPhone, there's less of a crowded-screen-real-estate issue in games.

With this new size also comes a new audience that maybe hasn't experienced iPad gaming quite yet. For those folks, as well as for folks who have a horrible memory, we thought it'd be a good idea to pick out some of our favorite iPad games so far, which should make the app-hunting process a little easier this holiday.

Space Miner HD

If Diablo and Asteroids had a baby, it might look a little like Space Miner. That's some fine progeny! ($4.99)

Bit Pilot

Imagine travelling back in time and experiencing the launch of a classic '80s coin-operated arcade machine. Playing Bit Pilot is basically that, but with better music. ($1.99)


The closest thing you'll get to Metroid on iOS, Aquaria is an enormous, underwater adventure that will easily suck you in. ($4.99)

Groove Coaster

This single-tap rhythm game may not feature a ton of songs you'd recognize, but that doesn't make it any less fun. ($2.99)

Punch Quest

Even though it's just a month old, Punch Quest is an easy contender for one of the best iOS games ever made. It should be played by all. ($0.99)

Angry Birds: Star Wars

Skip all the earlier Angry Birds games and jump right to the best of the bunch. Delightful Star Wars references mixed with awesome game design. ($2.99)

Super Hexagon

It takes a will of iron to succeed at Super Hexagon, but stick with it. You will feel near-godlike once you pass one minute. ($0.99)

Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor

An expertly-designed game that blends great touch controls with some really cool art design. ($0.99)

Infinity Blade 2

The still-reigning king of the best graphics on iOS is also a really enjoyable fighting game, with some really clever touch controls. ($2.99)

World of Goo

Arguably one of the best puzzle games ever made, World of Goo is also one of the most adorable. Until things go horribly wrong, that is. ($4.99)

Sword & Sworcery EP

Itching for an old school point-and-click adventure game? S&SEP does you one better, with gorgeous pixel graphics and a killer soundtrack. ($4.99)

Super Stickman Golf

Don't let the simple graphics fool you: Super Stickman Golf is one of the best sports games on iOS, with a superb multiplayer mode. ($0.99)

Zen Bound 2

Just looking to chill out? Zen Bound 2 will lull you into a trace while demanding that you hone your rope-wrapping skills. ($2.99)

Tiny Wings HD

It took the world by storm and it was made by just one guy! Mastery of this diminutive avian will take many, many hours. ($2.99)

Caverns of Minos

Jeff Minter, the creator of Caverns of Minos, loves classic arcade games just as much as he loves puns. The two unite to create an unholy (and awesome) pact with the devil. ($0.99)

Plants vs. Zombies HD

Just because you've already beaten it 12 times before doesn't mean you shouldn't make it 13! Constant updates have brought a ton of new modes to PvZ over the last few years. ($0.99)


Imagine playing a game of H.O.R.S.E. with a robot. That robot has lasers. Extrapolate from there. (free)

Squids: Wild West

It may not look it, but Squids: Wild West is a deep turn-based strategy game starring cephalopods. Ok, you probably could have guessed the cephalopod part. ($1.99)

Super Crate Box

It tore apart Polygon's editorial team and now it can tear apart your commute. Infuriating, addictive and awesome, all at the same time. ($1.99)

Hunters 2

Just finished XCOM and looking for an equivilent on iOS? Nothing comes closer than Hunters 2. ($0.99)