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Frobisher Says! Mega Fun Pack DLC now available in Europe

The Mega Fun Pack DLC for odd-ball minigame collection Frobisher Says! is now available for European PS Vita users to purchase for 1.19 British pounds.

The new DLC includes 15 additional games that feature demands that range from joining a "gurning squad" to milking a mammoth. In addition, a free patch is available based on fan feedback, which brings new trophies to the game, lets players disable game categories that use the handheld device's camera and microphone when they wish to play in public and let players submit their best game scores. Finally, a gallery is available with portraits of Frobisher's "bizarre family."

Frobisher Says! has players follow the commands issued by the demanding Frobisher throughout more than 50 minigames. The title is designed to use Vita's front and rear touchscreens and cameras, as well as its motion sensor. The game supports up the eight players.

We have contacted Sony for information regarding a North American release date and price.

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