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The Secret World opens up Manhattan Exclusion Zone, details Issue #5

Issue 5 is on its way

The Secret World's Manhattan Exclusion Zone Raid is now available as part of its Issue #4 update, Big Trouble in the Big Apple, Funcom announced today.

In a letter to fans, game director Joel Bylos said Issue #4, which was released last week, includes a revamp of Fusang's PvP, the addition of The Albion Theater, a chainsaw as an auxiliary weapon, a reticule targeting mode and as of today access to the Manhattan Exclusion Zone Raid.

In his letter he also hinted at what's to come in Issue #5. In his letter, he says:

First of all, we are going to try something a little different with the mission content in Issue #5. Thus far, with every release we have been adding missions across the world, some on Solomon Island, some on Egypt and some on Transylvania. And while we will still have a couple of additional missions in Issue #5 we are also experimenting with a single, larger story arc which has several missions revolving around a new character.

These missions are about discovering the fate of Tyler Freeborn, a conspiracy theorist who was caught on Solomon Island during the incursion of the Fog, and who has now gone missing. Through this series of missions you will discover more about the nature of the filth and travel *into* the Fog for the first time.

Bylos also said that the development team intends on adding a new auxiliary weapon with Issue #5 and, by popular demand, all investigation missions in the game will be repeatable.

To read his full leter, visit The Secret World.

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