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Retro classic Dizzy returns after 20 years with Kickstarter campaign

Twenty years since the last title in the classic retro game series Crystal Kingdom Dizzy, developers Philip and Andrew Oliver are returning with a Kickstarter campaign to develop Dizzy Returns for iOS and PC.

Dizzy Returns will be developed by Blitz Games Studio with new puzzles, characters, locations and ways of playing. The studio will make use of touch screen technology to experiment with new mechanics for the game for its iOS counterpart.

"We'd also like our backers to help us shape the story of the game," reads the campaign's Kickstarter profile. "We don't want cut scenes and long conversations - we're looking to build on the environmental storytelling that the classic Dizzy games did so well. Who hasn't wondered why Zaks hates Dizzy so much, or how many Treasure Islands there actually are? We will build up the story and world as you play, so you can either savor and enjoy all the little details or just power through and enjoy the puzzling and platforming fun."

Dizzy Returns will feature fully-animated 3D characters, classic and new locations, new game mechanics, non-linear puzzles and gameplay designed for both short and long-term playthroughs, a dynamic help system, a new narrative and an 8-bit retro mode with classic difficulty level.

Backer rewards include a digital copy of the game, access to exclusive digital content, as well as access to the Design Group which allows backers to participate in game design decisions throughout.

According to the team, new Dizzy titles were previously pitched to publishers to no avail. Using Kickstarter as a funding platform, Blitz Games hopes to reach a funding goal of 350,000 British pounds (roughly $558,285), with plans to launch the upcoming Dizzy Returns in Q3 of 2013. The U.K. studio is recently best known for its work on the quirky iOS title Kumo Lumo.

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