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Warface named top online game in Russia

Warface, the free-to-play PC shooter from the team behind Crysis, was recently named the best online game in Russia, developer Crytek announced today.

Warface, published in Russia by its leading internet company the Mail.Ru Group, has gathered more than 5 million registered users since its launch, according to the developer. The game will be released through Gface, Crytek's game-streaming service, and published by Rift developer Trion Worlds when it comes to North America and Europe in the near future.

The Runet Awards were established in 2004 to honor Russian websites and internet organizations for outstanding contributions to the digital world. The awards were created by the Russian Federal Agency of Press and Mass Communications to promote growth in the IT and digital communication fields through public recognition of contributions from companies and individuals that assist development of Russian-language internet space.

Previous Runet Award winners include Microsoft Russia, Google, blogging site Livejournal, and Russia's Wikipedia.

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