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Minecraft developer Mojang hopes to release a game every year

With its immediate future secured by the phenomenal success of Minecraft, Stockholm-based studio Mojang hopes to release a game every year from now on, said business developer Daniel Kaplan in an interview with Develop.

Kaplan is glad for the creative focus afforded to Mojang's developers by the studio's financial success and independence. Those important elements have been managed and maintained by chief executive Carl Manneh, who has turned down numerous buyout offers and told Develop, "We do everything in our power to keep the 'indie spirit at the studio.' Whatever that is."

Part of that "indie spirit" is making games. "I think that we should focus even more on creating new games and new experiences," said Kaplan. "I hope that in the future, we should be able to release at least one game a year." In order to increase the studio's output while staying indie, Notch believes it's important for Mojang to "keep focusing on not making super polished games, as those require larger teams." He added, "I hope we can keep the [indie] spirit for as long as possible."

Scrolls, Mojang's second game, has been in development since 2010 and has not yet been released. Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Persson is currently working on 0x10c, and the studio will soon publish an external title for the first time — Cobalt, a side-scrolling action game being made by fellow Swedish indie developer Oxeye Game Studio.

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