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Far Cry 3 map editor will add hundreds of choices, AI options

Far Cry 3's PC map editor will grant players a mountain of new crafting choices, including the ability to place AI elements on maps or use them for recording movies, according to a post on the Ubisoft Forums.

Posted by TheRealDrewdeiz as an outlet for member Fallen Champ, who attended an Ubisoft event in Malmö, Sweden, the post includes several details on Far Cry 3's map editor. Players can place AI elements on regular maps, but not multiplayer. If AI are placed on a multiplayer map, it can be saved, but not shared. The editor also adds in more than 65 choices for waterfalls, changes to ladder functionality, and item search tools. Additional choices for thematics, utilities vehicles, furninture and more number in the hundreds.

You can view the full list here. Far Cry 3 releases in Europe and Australia on Nov. 29, followed by a UK release on Nov. 30 and a North American release on Dec. 4.

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