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Brooklyn Nets' Brook Lopez spins a tale of woe from Sonic 2

Brooklyn Nets center Brook Lopez grew up playing Sonic the Hedgehog 2 with his older brother — or so he thought, he explained in an interview with ESPN.

Sonic 2 supported two simultaneous players: one playing as the titular hedgehog, and a second playing as his sidekick, Miles "Tails" Prower. Lopez's older brother would take the lead as Sonic, "but he'd leave an unplugged controller for me to play with," said Lopez. "The whole time I thought I was playing as Tails."

Lopez later realized he was being duped, and eventually played the game enough to become proficient with the side-scrolling 16-bit platformer. "I'm actually good at Sonic 2 now, but back then, I thought I was real good," he said.

That love of Sonic games stayed with him to the present day. "I'm still into Sonic," he told ESPN, saying that he was "really excited to see what [Sega] did with the new episode of Sonic 4." He may be destined for more Sonic-related heartbreak, but he might feel better if he plays it on the Barclays Center's massive Oculus LED screen.

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