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How Fallout 2 impacted one gamer’s life

Gamer and wordsmith Patricia Hernandez recently debuted a piece on Rock, Paper, Shotgun detailing how old-school role-playing game Fallout 2 influenced both her world view and sexuality.

"Gaming Made Me: Fallout 2" is Hernandez's tale of growing up a little different from her peers. She played Fallout 2 at a young age; the game was a peace offering after a fight with her mother. Hernandez recalls how the game was "one of those rare instances where, though obviously largely written for a male audience, I still felt acknowledged."

Fallout 2 provided parallels to her life in unexpected ways. Full of choices, the game gave Hernandez the chance to confront gender role resentment, explore sexuality and question the United States government and their ethics.

You can read Hernandez's thought-provoking piece here.

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