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Minecraft 1.5 Redstone Update for PC will make redstone more predictable, add daylight detector and improve minecarts

Minecraft's Redstone Update on its way

A new update for the PC version of Minecraft — version 1.5, also known as The Redstone Update — will change the way redstone behaves, add a daylight detector and improve the minecart, according to Mojang's studio lead Jens Bergensten.

Speaking at Minecon 2012, Bergensten announced that the Redstone Update marks the start of a series of new, more focused updates from the developer that focus on a feature or a theme. GameSpot reports that the team is planning to release such updates every two months.

Among the changes to be introduced in the update are:

  • Changes to the way redstone behaves by giving it a variable signal strength and adding a new capacitor block
  • Improvements to minecarts by adding special tracks to "unload freeloaders like pigs" and systems for filling and emptying chests
  • The addition of a daylight detector, fireworks for New Years Eve and Nether-based ore from which capacitors can be made.

The Redstone Update is expected to release in January 2013.

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