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Mew-Genics teaser artwork concludes with Butch

Super cat boy

Team Meat has revealed the final character in its upcoming randomly-generated, cat-oriented title Mew-Genics, with the introduction of Butch, whose introduction follows the release of teaser images for each in-game character over the last few weeks since the title's announcement in October.

According to the Super Meat Boy website, Butch is "into some shady stuff...nothing he does is legal and if he has it his way nothing you will do will be legal either." His reveal follows the introduction of characters Tracy and Frank from last week and the week prior, respectively.

In the wake of this final character reveal, Team Meat will begin teasing aspects of the game's design, music, features and release platforms. Little information is currently available about the game, which the studio's Edmund McMillen simply describes as "by far the strangest project I've ever worked on."

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