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Double Fine's Amnesia Fortnight winners include dungeon crawler, '80s sci-fi sandbox game

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Double Fine Productions' Amnesia Fornight project, a contest in which small teams of the studio's employees create new game prototypes, yielded four fan-chosen winners that will go into development for the next two weeks, Double Fine announced today.

Work on the projects will be livestreamed at the company's site, where those who purchased the Amnesia Fortnight bundle can get a first look at the making of the following games for PC:

  • Hack ‘n Slash, led by Senior Programmer Brandon Dillon: a "Zelda-like" dungeon crawler that encourages players to discover and use cheats and hacks to complete puzzles and progress.
  • Spacebase DF9, led by The Cave's lead designer JP LeBreton: a city-building simulation game set on a space station where aliens congregate looking for employment.
  • The White Birch, led by The Cave's art director Andy Wood: an "ambient platform exploration game" akin to Journey, in which players must climb a tower to escape a toxic forest environment and reach a prize hanging from a tree atop the tower.
  • Autonomous, led by art director Lee Petty: a first-person construction sandbox inspired by '80s science fiction, set in a futuristic junkyard where players build machines called automatons to help them survive the environment.

Double Fine's Tim Schafer set up a post on the studio forums to ask voters why they voted for the submissions they did and what specific elements appealed to them. The Amnesia Fortnight bundle is still available for purchase at the Humble Bundle website.

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