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Far Cry 3 video showcases the ins and outs of the in-game map editor

Far Cry 3's map editor will allow players to create their own battlegrounds for themselves and fellow players to enjoy, either in multiplayer matches or single-player sandbox modes, according to a new developer diary video.

The video, posted above, shows how players can use simple terrain-forming tools and a catalog of landmarks — such as waterfalls or natural caves — to create a world for themselves. Buildings and other structures are separated into themes, allowing you to create levels based around motifs like tribal-themed villages or World War 2 encampments. Once built, your levels can be played and peer-reviewed by fellow players, or simply enjoyed in a single-player open-world mode.

These tools were first outlined in a leaked preview posted last week. Check out the video above for the full rundown on the game's user-generated content tools.

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