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Battlefield 3 update addresses PS3 input lag, balances weapons

Battlefield 3 has been updated across all consoles, tweaking a few of the games weapons and mechanics and addressing issues with lag experienced by PlayStation 3 players, according to the Battlefield Blog.

The update addresses complaints about "input lag" problems on the PS3 version of the game, in which players experienced a delay between their controller commands and on-screen maneuvers. According to the blog post, this update "significantly improves" the experience for players having this problem. The update fixes audio dropout issues for PS3 players as well.

The update also tweaks characteristics of over a dozen in-game weapons, and patches a few exploits players found in the recently released Armored Kill map pack, including areas of the Alborz Mountains map that players could hide in thanks to poor collision physics. Check out the full list of changes on the Battlefield Blog.

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