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Cyber Monday deals for the arcade and pinball machine owner

Michael McWhertor is a journalist with more than 17 years of experience covering video games, technology, movies, TV, and entertainment.

Gaming fans looking for something more gargantuan to put under the Christmas tree may want to take advantage of BMI Gaming's Cyber Monday sale, which offers discounts on stand up and cocktail arcade cabinets, pinball tables, sit-down racing games and other arcade amusements.

Arcade game enthusiasts and operators can shave off $200 from a tabletop version of Namco's Pac-Man Battle Royale, for example, which is pictured above. Pinball fans may find the Cyber Monday savings make dropping $5,000 or more on an X-Men or AC/DC pinball table slightly easier to swallow. Or, if you're in the market for the deluxe arcade version of Grid, you can save $800 on the $14,975 asking price.

Here's the Cyber Monday deal details from BMI Gaming.

  • $100 off products from $2000 to $2999
  • $200 off products from $3000 to $5999
  • $400 off products from $6000 to $9999
  • $800 off products over $10000

Video game fans with deep pockets need only use the code CYBER2012 during checkout.