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The Gunstringer for Windows 8 trailer showing a Temple Run-style endless runner with Wild West aesthetics

The Gunstringer: Dead Man Running will be a Windows 8 exclusive, and the latest trailer for Other Ocean Interactive's title shows an "endless runner" akin to Temple Run in its fast-paced forward-motion gameplay.

The game's Story Mode tells the tale of the Gunstringer, a cowboy risen from the dead to hunt down and kill his old gang before returning to the underworld. He realizes the world needs more justice-toting gun-wielders like him, and vows to rid the earth of all evil. He makes a pact with the devil, who requires the Gunstringer to bring him the souls of five villains in exchange for the freedom to pursue his vigilante lifestyle.

Players can guide the Gunstringer through 15 different levels, collecting Gold Coins and using them to buy power-ups and pieces to customize weapons. Players can also challenge friends and steal their loot in three additional Endless Runner levels.

Check out the video above for a look at The Gunstringer in action. The game will be available through Xbox Live for Windows 8 this month, and will be also be playable on Windows 8 PCs and tablets.

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