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The Walking Dead graphic novel creator a 'godfather' to Telltale's games

The Walking Dead graphic novel creator Robert Kirkman decided to move ahead with Telltale on a series-based game because he liked the developer's puzzle-based storytelling and their approach to creating engaging narratives, he said in a recent interview with Game Informer.

"The only thing that's really special about The Walking Dead is the human characters and the narrative that they exist in," he said. "It's all about drama and loss, so I felt like doing a game with that focus, but that wasn't something that I knew was really possible."

Kirkman said he was impressed by Telltale's proposal for a Walking Dead game focused on decision-making and consequences that affected the storyline, rather than one entailing "ammunition gathering or jumping over things." It was the studio's ideas to present players with two equally bad decisions and highlight how the need to survive affected characters' that sold Kirkman on the game. He has served as the "godfather" on Telltale's episodic title, guiding them through incorporating what makes the series what it is.

As for Activision's upcoming Walking Dead game, Kirkman says that television company AMC is heading the project since it's based strictly on the television show, and that he is not involved in production. Telltale's game follows the comic book, which is why Kirkman was allowed more creative control.

For more information on Kirkman's connections to The Walking Dead games, check out the full interview on Game Informer.

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