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Don Daglow suspends Kickstarter campaign after smartphone-only game fails to attract backers

Veteran game designer Don Daglow has suspended the Kickstarter campaign for his smartphone game, Tony La Russa's Baseball With Fans, after the campaign raised only $2,440 of its $249,000 goal a week into the campaign.

The Kickstarter campaign launched on Nov. 19 before being suspended this week. The project had 23 backers. Daglow wrote on the game's Kickstarter page:

We knew the job was dangerous when we took it! No one on Kickstarter had ever raised more than $78,000 for a Smartphone game, and PC is the platform of choice here. We have concluded that even our experienced team is not going to raise the needed money for a Smartphone title, so we have suspended the Kickstarter campaign. We will reformulate our plans and report back on what we're up to!

Speaking to Games Industry International, Daglow said that he is now looking at "a different platform mix" before bringing the game back to Kickstarter.

"No one has broken through with a mobile-only game on Kickstarter and it became apparent early on that we were not going to break that same low ceiling," he said.

In 2011 the iOS and Android-only game Star Command successfully met its Kickstarter funding goal, as did the smartphone-only Zombies, Run!, which exceeding its funding goal by raising $72,627 when it originally asked for $12,500.

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