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Quadriplegic gamer bests Mass Effect 3 multiplayer silver challenge playing solo

Gamer Alain Poitras has accomplished a Mass Effect 3 feat that would be impressive for a player merely tackling the challenge solo. That Poitras completed a silver level challenge in the game's multiplayer mode using his mouth is far more impressive.

Poitras, a quadriplegic who broke his neck in a fall 17 years ago, says he plays Mass Effect 3 using a stick to tap a keyboard and touchpad mouse. He's uploaded videos of himself playing Mass Effect 3 multiplayer on a laptop with his unique set up, sharing his latest accomplishment with the community via the BioWare forums.

Despite his achievement, Poitras laments that he "missed the extraction by 1 or 2 seconds" in the gameplay video posted to YouTube.

"My shields were down and I was focusing on my walking because if I had tried to revive my shield or tried to run I would maybe have made a mistake and got killed," he writes on the BioWare forums, adding that he's proud of the achievement, but regrets missing the extraction by "maybe 2 feet."

The 36-minute video is perhaps not as visually impressive as the accomplishment itself, but may be worth a watch if you're looking for some expert advice.

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