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How the indie game Beat Hazard made $2 million, mostly on Steam

Indie developer Steve Hunt shared a comprehensive breakdown on his blog today detailing how his music game, Beat Hazard, grossed $2 million in sales.

In the blog post, Hunt reveals the total revenue of Beat Hazard over the years and explains the spikes and bumps in sales and what they were caused by. He also provides a platform breakdown to show how the game sold on Steam, Xbox Live Indie Games, PlayStation Network and iOS.

The blog post features graphs and charts tracking the game's sales and notes that the figures on the Steam platform continuously spiked and never plateaued, unlike other platforms.

"The first thing that jumps out is how Steam just kicks ass!" Hunt says in the blog post. "Not only does the Steam version dwarf the income from other platforms, it keeps coming back to life like some lovable cash making zombie."

Hunt says the reason he decided to share all this data is because as an indie developer he understands how difficult it is to access this kind of information, so he wants to help those who are starting out by sharing his sales stats. To see the full breakdown, visit Cold Beam Games.

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