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Nintendo Wii Mini console confirmed for Dec. 7 launch (update)

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The Nintendo Wii Mini, a miniaturized version of the Wii console, is rumored to release Dec. 7, according to the Canadian website for retailer Best Buy.

The Wii Mini system, which appears to be an entirely re-designed console, is available in red and black and includes a standard Wii Remote. As of yet no price is available and while the official Best Buy website states the retailer is taking pre-order, the link does not go to a Wii Mini page.

We have contacted Nintendo for comment and will update the post when further information becomes available.

Update: The Nintendo Wii Mini is now official, according to an announcement by Nintendo. The console will launch in Canada for $99 on Dec. 7 and will release with a red Wii Remote Plus, and red Nunchuk controller and will work with "most" Wii accessories. The system is at this time exclusive to Canada.

The system is re-designed as a compact, flat-resting system and comes in matte black with a red border. Wii Mini can play over 1,300 disc-based Wii titles; However, it will not include Internet accessibility and will not play Nintendo GameCube games.


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