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Sir, You Are Being Hunted to include multiplayer after release, new stretch goal added

Big news for Big Robot

Sir, You Are Being Hunted has surpassed its stretch goal of 80,000 British pounds, unlocking multiplayer which will be added following the initial release of the game, developer Big Robot announced today.

The team has now added a final stretch goal to its Kickstarter campaign which will unlock character customization if pledges reach 100,000 British pounds. This will allow users to name their avatar and customize the appearance of their character with monocles, mustaches, boots, and other accessories. In addition, players will have the ability to choose from talent that will affect both single and multiplayer game.

"These will allow you to push your specialization towards a particular direction: perhaps increasing your constitution for a vitality bonus, or pushing up your stealth ability with the appropriate selection," reads the latest Big Robot update.

"These won't be 'classes' or anything like that, but more like a couple of abilities from something like a talent tree. Small bonuses that push your advantages this way or that. This doesn't mean we're looking at other RPG elements - the game will still be about your skill and what you find in the world. It just allows you a little more depth in focusing how you want to play the game."

The upcoming open-world "tweedpunk" title has reached 80,375 British pounds as of press time, double its initial goal of 40,000 pounds. Its Kickstarter campaign comes to an end in four days time.

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