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Garry's Mod gets Kinect support

Garry's Mod is getting Kinect support, but it will remain, perhaps forever, not on the Xbox 360, GMod creator Garry Newman wrote in a video post demonstrating the new support.

"I'm having way too much fun with Kinect and GMod," he wrote on a YouTube video demonstrating said fun.

To get the Xbox 360's motion-tracking hardware to work with physics sandbox Source engine mod, you will need to pick up a copy of Garry's Mod, a Kinect and the Kinect for Windows Runtime v 1.6.

"You don't need the 'made for windows' Kinect, but if you have a 360 Kinect you might need to get a power/USB cable so you can plug it into your PC," Newman wrote. "Sorry Mac guys, it is Windows only."

The modded mod, demonstrated in the video above, allows you to take control of a ragdoll in the game live, it also supports multiplayer.

"You move your arm and the ragdoll moves its arm," Newman explained. "You jump and it jumps. It's live, your body is directly controlling the ragdoll.

"You can join a server and take control of a ragdoll. Your friend can join and take control of one and you can dance together."

But, Newman, added, this doesn't mean that the popular mod is going to Microsoft's console.

"No Garry's Mod isn't coming out for Xbox," he wrote. "Ever."

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