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ZombiU's London setting chosen for its blend of modern and medieval, says development team

Ubisoft chose London as the setting for survival-horror Wii U launch title ZombiU due to recent attention on the city, including this past summer's Olympic Games, as well as its harmonic blend of modern and medieval elements, the development team told Nintendo president Satoru Iwata in a recent interview.

"With the Olympics being in London and the Queen's diamond jubilee celebrations this year, London was in the centre of the world's attention and a city that everyone felt a connection with," said producer Guillaume Brunier.

"But a more fundamental reason was that London is a city with a history of horrific things, like Jack the Ripper. We figured it was a suitable setting for the dark world of this game," he added.

According to Brunier, though the zombie genre originated in the US, the country doesn't contain many locations in which modern and medieval history are "co-habitating," making London a better match for creating a dark and sinister feel. Brunier also noted that the UK's internal class struggle was an interesting backdrop to the fight for survival in ZombiU.

"Instead of seeing the typical baseball bat, we could switch it out for the famous cricket bat, and also change the characters so that you would be encountering the beefeaters in their traditional costumes and the royal guards," he said. "The country itself is also known for great social conflict, so all these contrasts made London a really interesting setting for us to explore."

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