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Battlefield 3: Aftermath's Talah Market overview video showcases a skill-based arena

Battlefield 3's upcoming add-on, Aftermath, includes a symmetrical multiplayer map called Talah Market which, as seen in the video above, is a twisting network of narrow corridors and buildings.

As explained in the developer diary, the inspiration for Talah Market was the symmetrical, skill-based maps of Counter-Strike and similar shooters, where map dominance wasn't as important as individual player talents. Talah Market is composed of plenty of varied layouts to accomodate a number of layouts — long straightaways for snipers, close corners for SMG enthusiasts and so on.

Check out the video above to get a feel for the map. Battlefield Premium subscribers can grab the whole expansion on PS3 today, and on PC and Xbox 360 Dec. 4. Non-members will have to wait until Dec. 11 on PS3, or Dec. 18 on Xbox 360 and PC, when they'll be able to pick it up for $14.99. For more information on the entire pack, check out the launch trailer below.

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