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ZombiU developers explain asymmetric multiplayer mode, King of Zombies

One of the most interesting aspects of ZombiU is its asymmetric multiplayer mode, King of Zombies, which is highlighted in a new video released today by Ubisoft.

King of Zombies is a local competitive mode with one player on the GamePad and the person's opponent on a Wii Remote or Pro Controller. The person on the tablet uses the touchscreen to place different types of zombies across the multiplayer map, with strategic locations designed to take down the human player on the controller. Three different game types are available for the human: capturing flags, killing as many zombies as possible or staying alive for as long as possible.

"That's the very first idea that made us believe in the Wii U," says Guillaume Bruiner, senior producer at ZombiU developer Ubisoft Montpellier.

ZombiU launched with the Wii U in North America on Nov. 18, and will be available at the console's European launch this Friday, Nov. 30. For more on its multiplayer component, check out our preview.

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