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Far Cry 3 trailer debuts co-op foursome

Far Cry 3 includes a co-op campaign separate from the single-player story, and its characters debuted in a trailer released today by Ubisoft.

First up is the crew's apparent leader, and the narrator of the trailer, a vulgar Scotsman named Callum. He's joined by a middle-aged American cop, Leonard; a former soldier, Tisha; and a Russian assassin, Mikhail. Their story takes place six months before the single-player campaign, and it's a simple quest for revenge: Someone has stolen from them, so they're setting out on the island to get it back — and kill whoever's responsible.

The co-op campaign supports local split-screen play on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and online play on those platforms as well as PC.

Far Cry 3 launches on Dec. 4. Check out our review here.

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