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Labyrinth Legends bringing downloadable dungeon crawling to PSN Dec. 18

Labyrinth Legends, developer Creat Studios' downloadable dungeon crawler, is set for a Dec. 18 release on PlayStation Network, according to a post on the PlayStation Blog by Creat's vice president of development, Scott Hyman.

The PlayStation 3 game mixes elements of adventure games and dungeon crawlers as it tasks players with exploring its titular labyrinths. Labyrinth Legends includes leaderboards, trophy support and three multiplayer modes that support four players locally.

In response to a comment on the post asking about the game's price, Hyman wrote, "Price isn’t set yet, but I *promise* it won’t be high." Hyman also writes that there's no Vita version, but recognizes that there's a big demand for it in comments.

Check out the trailer above to vicariously explore the dungeons in single and multiplayer modes.

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