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Trion postpones End of Nations open beta indefinitely, refunding Founder’s Edition buyers

Trion Worlds is postponing the open beta phase for its free-to-play MMORTS End of Nations indefinitely, the company confirmed with Polygon today.

"Thank you all for your support over the past few months while we have been testing the game in Closed Beta," reads the post on the developer's Facebook page. "While we received an incredible amount of positive feedback, the Closed Beta tests also identified several key areas of the game which need polish and improvement."

Consequently, Trion has decided to put off the open beta until "further notice," and will be following up shortly with players who purchased End of Nations for access to the closed beta. The developer said it would provide updates on the situation as soon as possible.

Trion is offering refunds to players who purchased a special edition of the game, which guaranteed access to the game's closed beta.

"There was no cost to participate in the End of Nations beta events and a majority of the participants gained free keys by joining the End of Nations mailing list or participating in our social media giveaways," a representative for the company told Polygon. "We did offer our hard core fans an opportunity to purchase an End of Nations Founder's Edition SKU which guaranteed access to all the closed beta events along with a head start and other bonuses so those are the customers who will be receiving a refund.

"We have never publicly stated a release date, but we did communicate that open beta was scheduled for Fall 2012," the representative added. "At this time we have decided to postpone the Open Beta phase of testing until further notice."

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