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Kung Fu Superstar Kickstarter failure proves 'hatred' of motion controls, says developer

The failure of Kinesthetic Games' martial arts simulator Kung Fu Superstar on Kickstarter proves players' "hatred" of motion controls, and that the current gaming climate has no room for non-traditional controls in its "landscape," creator Kostas Zarifis said in a recent interview with Eurogamer.

"We all know what the majority of hardcore gamers think about motion control," he said. "We're not talking indifference, we're talking hatred. And for good reason. Since the advent of motion control they've been constantly treated with disappointments (Rise of Nightmares, [Kinect] Star Wars, Steel Battalion [Heavy Armor]... the list goes on)."

The former Fable developers' project is currently sitting at £36,079 with 425 backers, far from its £200,000 goal with six days remaining in its campaign.

Zarifis said that Kinesthetic failed to notify potential backers upfront that the game was not motion-control only, and that players could switch seamlessly between the Kinect and Xbox 360 controller. He said that videos detailing traditional controls were added too late after the project launched, and that exclusively targeting PC was another cause for the failure.

"So we inevitably carved ourselves a super niche market of people who were willing to hook a Kinect to their PC (many didn't even know that was possible)," he said.

The developer also expressed that the UK's Kickstarter branch was not "the extravaganza [they] were thinking it might be," and that if you're not pitching as an established developer a project lacks a "certain vibe" and is "less sexy."

Kinesthetic Games' is disbanding, but Zarifis hopes that other developers are not discouraged to create motion-controlled games by Kung Fu Superstar's failure.

"The flicker of desire for truly immersive, hardcore games with motion control elements burning out, worries me even more than our Kickstarter failing," he said.

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