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Harvest insects and send them to Vitas around the world with Travel Bug

Travel Bug, a free PlayStation Vita app that allows players to raise cartoonish bugs and send them on adventures throughout the world and other Vitas, will be available to download today, according to a post on the European PlayStation Blog by Craig Howard, creative director at Lucid Games.

In the game, players hatch and customize the titular Bugs. Using Near, a social network that allows users to connect and share their game data, the critters set out on adventures. As it explores the world, your bug will send "regular updates as it meets strangers on its travels until it comes back to your PS Vita," according to Howard.

Players can use Bugmiles to customize their creations.

Players can also discover and capture Bugs who need help on their adventures. They'll earn Bugmiles when one completes a journey and for assisting other Bugs. Players can use Bugmiles as a type of in-game currency to customize their creations.

Travel Bug is part of a series of Discovery Apps, which are free-to-play and "designed to showcase the unique features of PS Vita through innovative interactive experiences," according to a post on the European PlayStation Blog from earlier this year. Frobisher Says!, a Discovery App filled with mini-games, launched in October.

Check out the trailer above to see the metamorphosis of a Travel Bug from leafy incubation to world traveler.

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