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Pier Solar HD makes Kickstarter funding, stretch goals include mobile and Wii U ports

WaterMelon Inc.'s Kickstarter campaign for an HD remake of its homebrew RPG Pier Solar and the Great Architects met its funding goal of $139,000 with six days remaining, the developer announced today along with a list of its planned stretch goals.

Originally published for the Sega Mega Drive in Dec. 2010, WaterMelon plans to re-render Pier Solar for the Xbox 360, PC, Mac, Linux and Sega Dreamcast. The developer will use the funds raised through Kickstarter to create the HD assets as well as pay licensing fees and other miscellaneous development costs.

If the project reaches $145,000, WaterMelon will include Japanese localization for the game on all platforms. $150,000 will add widescreen, VGA support and compatibility with VMU storage devices to the Dreamcast version.

For $160,000 the company will add extra content cut from the original Pier Solar release, including 10 additional sidequests, four four-player minigames and new combat features.

WaterMelon will create an Android and Ouya port for $175,000, and if the project raises $200,000 Pier Solar HD will be made for the Wii U.

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