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Haldir and Lugbol enter the arena in a new Guardians of Middle-earth trailer

Haldir the elf and Lugbol the goblin enter the multiplayer online battle arena in a trailer released today for Guardians of Middle-earth, the upcoming MOBA from Monolith Productions.

Check out the trailer above to see Haldir, a long-range fighter equipped with a strong bow and teleportation, and Lugbol, a pyromaniac sorcerer with a nasty pet wolf. Guardians of Middle-earth is set for a downloadable release Dec. 4 on PlayStation 3 and Dec. 5 on Xbox 360. A retail version, which includes a season pass for all DLC, will be available Dec. 4.

For more on the MOBA in Middle-earth, check our impressions from when we visited Monolith earlier this year. You can also hop over to Facebook and enter to win a life-sized Gandalf statue being given away in honor of the game's release.

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