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Card Hunter developer details how the game's simple deck building works

The developer of Card Hunter, a role-playing game that blends elements of collectible card games and turn-based strategy games, offers a quick primer on deck-building aspects of the forthcoming game in a new developer diary released today.

The video highlights one of Card Hunter's core design elements: Instead of managing a deck of dozens of cards by hand, the deck is built via an inventory system familiar to role-playing game fans. Developer Blue Manchu shows how customizing deck builds across three characters utilizing hundreds of inventory items is probably easier than it sounds.

For more on Card Hunter, check out our hands-on impressions and video interview with Blue Manchu's Jonathan Chey from PAX Prime. The free-to-play game is entering a closed beta and is expected to be released next year.

The first developer diary, which touches on Card Hunter's line of sight mechanics and area of effect attacks, can be watched below.

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