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Zynga launches Clay Jam, a stop-motion claymation game by Fat Pebble

Clay Jam joins Zynga

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Zynga launched the fifth game under its Zynga Partners banner today, with Fat Pebble's claymation game Clay Jamjoining the likes of Horn, Rubber Tacos, Super Bunny Breakout and Twist Pilot.

Developed by U.K.-based studio Fat Pebble, Clay Jam is a full-claymation game where players maneuver balls of clay across an obstacle course to squish clay monsters. The more monsters the player squishes, the bigger their ball of clay grows. This ball is then launched at the enemy — the larger the ball of clay, the further the enemy is catapulted.

Clay Jam is now available on iOS devices through the iTunes App Store and Android devices via Google Play.

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