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343 Industries investigating Halo 4 server connectivity issues (update)

A number of Halo 4 players have been experiencing server connectivity issues since the release of the last Spartan Ops mission on Nov. 26, according to a thread on Halo Waypoint's forums.

"A few hundred" players worldwide are getting stuck in Halo 4's backup servers, which prevents them from establishing a connection with the main servers. This is causing in-game loadouts and ranks to be reset and greatly reduces the speed at which players are earning experience points.

343 Industries has acknowledged the problem and is working to resolve it as quickly as possible. The developer asks that players who are still experiencing server issues share their gamertag and region in the problem's official thread to help them get determined the issue's scope.

"The number of players in the fallback hoppers has dropped, however there are still people experiencing problems accessing the main servers. We'll continue to investigate and push out fixes until these issues are resolved," a Waypoint forum team member posted recently.

Polygon has reached out to 343 Industries for more information on when we can expect the servers to be fixed, and will update this story with more details as we have them.

Update: A Microsoft spokesperson provided a comment on the issue:

The issue that impacted an isolated number of players that prevented connection to the Halo 4 servers for matchmaking has been resolved. A solution was deployed this afternoon, and all reports show operation has returned to normal. Players with additional questions can engage and receive updates via the Halo Waypoint forums here.

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