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Tearaway's papercraft levels a result of company-wide 'jamming process'

The team at Media Molecule aims to have its first complete, playable theme for papercraft game Tearaway ready in "a few weeks from now," producer Michelle Ducker wrote on the European PlayStation Blog.

Ducker said the theme will become the framework on which the rest of the game's themes are built. The level is set on an island floating a lake of glue, "where something fishy is going on." Ducker hopes to make more information on the theme public before the end of the year.

The theme's completion comes after a lengthy "jamming process" in which the studio split into smaller teams to brainstorm and test gameplay ideas. Prototypes were reviewed daily, and successful ones were moved to the shortlist of features for the first theme.

"We're looking good for our milestone: the underlying technology, visuals, animation, audio, and gameplay for the theme are well underway, and in building the whole area we hope to find the answers to many questions we're still asking ourselves about the rest of the game," Ducker said.

Tearaway was announced at Gamescom this summer and will be released on the PlayStation Vita next year.

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