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Cyan Worlds puzzle adventure Riven coming to iPad in a few weeks

Cyan Worlds' puzzle adventure Riven, sequel to Myst, will be ready for submission to the Apple App Store in the coming weeks, and will be available to play on all generations of iPad, the developer said in a recent interview with Modojo.

According to producer Rand Miller, over the past few months the team at Cyan Worlds has been fine-tuning the game for optimization on iPad, including reducing image compression, sharpening animations and sound and cleaning up the user interface. Miller also notes that several new "small features" have been added to the iPad port.

"All in all we've worked really hard at making the best iPad version of Riven we could, and still squeeze it into the two gigabyte size limit," Miller said.

Cyan Worlds released realMyst for iPad in June, a completely explorable version of Myst. While players can't get to every nook and cranny of Riven's iPad port, Miller says a "realRiven" project is possible, though nothing something the company will tackle anytime soon.

"The risk-reward ratio makes it very improbable in the near future," he explained. "We had to take advantage of previously built realMyst models and textures to even consider doing realMyst on the iPad, and even then it was a challenge. Riven has never been converted to real-time, so it would have to be built more or less from scratch. That's a big job."

Miller did not rule out the possibility of turning to Kickstarter for future mobile projects, saying the platform has "inspired [Cyan Worlds] to discuss moving beyond porting our previous content to creating some pretty interesting, larger, original products."

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