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Sui Generis 'Grand Theft Auto meets Morrowind' RPG makes Kickstarter goal with hours to spare

Bare Mettle Entertainment's Kickstarter campaign for its open-world role-playing game Sui Generis met its funding goal of £150,000 today with hours to spare.

The developer describes the game as "Grand Theft Auto meets Morrowind" set in a hostile medieval world filled with darkness and intrigue. What remains of humankind lives in the shadow of a history it does not fully understand, or remember, with demons and powerful psychic beings wandering the broken world. The game will feature a non-linear story as well as a reactive environment and NPCs, character customization and physics-based combat.

Bare Mettle is a five-person team scattered worldwide, and they have been working on Sui Generis in their spare time for a little over a year. The company writes that "it's going to take a little time for the whole team to relocate so we can work together," but they will be sharing updates as the game gets underway.

Sui Generis is currently planned for release on Windows PC, though Bare Mettle is hoping to make Mac and Linux ports as well, as well as a multiplayer version supported over a LAN connection.

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