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Pokemon as illustrated by someone who hasn't played the game since she was 12

Artist Laura Bifano hasn't seen a Pokemon since she was 12 years old, and she's set up a blog archiving her attempts at drawing them from memory.

The artist takes requests for her "Pokemon from Memory" Tumblr and attempts to draw the creature in question as she remembers them. Some illustrations turn out pretty close to the real deal, while others are simply hilarious and also a little terrifying.

The above drawing shows Bifano's take on a rather disgruntled Bulbasaur and a chipper Pikachu. Check out the rest of her Pokemon drawings and submit requests at her blog, and take a look at the rest of her artwork here.

The Pokémon-athon:

719 Pokemon, 61 games, 1 website

Click here for undiluted nostalgia

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