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Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade brings cute social airship battles to iOS, Android

The next Final Fantasy game for iOS and Android devices will be free, Square Enix and DeNA have announced, letting players take part in cooperative battles in the series' signature airships. Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade, already released in Japan and Korea through DeNA social network Mobage, will come to the U.S. and Canada soon.

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade is described as an "easy-to-play social game" that pits groups of players against powerful bosses in airship-based battles and variations on the series' traditional turn-based combat. Using a visual style similar to Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, players take on quests and level up, fighting horrible monsters and meeting precious Chocobos along the way.

The mobile game features a tiered job system and appearances from characters from the main Final Fantasy series.

DeNA says that Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade will be available for download soon on Android and iOS devices. Interested players can pre-register for the game at the Airborne Brigade website and secure limited time access to a playable Cloud from Final Fantasy 7.

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