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Rise of the Triad dev diary reveals how the team will reboot a classic

Rise of the Triad's reboot will stay true to the game's original appeal — insane gameplay, said game director Frederik Schreiber during a newly outed production diary.

"What made the original Rise of the Triad so awesome was that it was so insanely ludicrous," said Schreiber. "You had gyps everywhere, the speed was insanely fast-paced. It was just ridiculous."

"What we want to do with our game is bring that thing back. We want the game to be fast-paced, we want to reintroduce all these awesome weapons, and we just want to make it ridiculously gorey," said Schreiber.

The team played through original levels over and over to take notes, find out what worked and how to improve what didn't. New levels will stay similar to the old ones, but feature less clutter and a more clean cut design, according to designer Martin Colit. Additionally, classic weapons will be revived, but with new perks.

The Rise of the Triad reboot was announced at QuakeCon in August. The game is being made by Duke Nukem 3D: Reloaded developer Interceptor Entertainment on the Unreal Engine 3.

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