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The Walking Dead: Assault transforms the graphic novel series into an iOS strategy game

The Walking Dead: Assault, a new game based on the popular graphic novels by Robert Kirkman, is coming to iOS devices on the iTunes App Store at 7 p.m. EDT tonight, IGN reports.

The strategy title, developed by Gamagio Ldt., begins similarly to the first graphic novel in the series with Sheriff Rick Grimes waking in a hospital amidst a backdrop of an outbreak of undead. The game features various locations from early in the series, including Atlanta and the campsite later used by the survivors. Each setting is recreated in an art style base on the comic.

Players will create a team of four characters based on those from the series. Teams can be upgraded throughout, while each character also has a single unique ability that provides certain functions within the game. Assault includes four difficulty levels while gameplay features tasks such as distracting walkers using flare guns or by triggering car alarms. By completing bonus objectives and challenges, users will unlock new content from artwork to trivia about the series. Achievements and leaderboards are also included.

The Walking Dead: Assault will be available at a special launch price of $1.99. This will later be increased to $2.99 shortly after launch.

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