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Mirror's Edge easter egg spotted in Battlefield 3 Aftermath DLC

A bit of Mirror's Edge shows up in a surprising place in Battlefield 3's Aftermath add-on, according to a player-captured video shared on YouTube recently.

In the video posted by "xXHerseyBoyXx," players can see a pair of red "Runner" shoes, Faith Connor's iconic trainers, placed on the rooftop cornerstone of a building in the Markaz Monolith map. Stand close enough to the shoes and turn the volume all the way up, and you can hear the Mirror's Edge protagonist's ragged breathing.

Recently EA Games vice president Patrick Soderlund expressed that developer DICE is not a "Battlefield factory," and that other games are currently in the works at the studio. The statement was closely followed by a Tweet from former Battlefield franchise executive producer Benjamin Cousins that Mirror's Edge 2 is already in production.

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