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Become a competitive card collector in Madden NFL 13 Ultimate Team's new Draft Duels

Madden Ultimate Team players in Madden NFL 13 now have a directly competitive way to play in the new Draft Duels mode, Electronic Arts announced today.

After buying special Draft Duels packs within Ultimate Team, you'll go head to head with a friend in a strategic, competitive drafting experience. The mode has you select players from your own packs as well as your opponent's: In every round of the draft, you'll each pick a player and then swap packs, so it's important to play keep-away with players from your opponent's packs as well as choosing the best ones from your own collection.

Once all the players have been selected, a one-on-one online game begins. The winner in both cases — that is, the person who put together the best team and the person who defeated his opponent on the field — will receive bonuses such as Ultimate Team coins or exclusive card packs. The consolation prize for the loser is that both teams get to keep the teams of players they drafted.

"We're excited to continue delivering fresh, engaging content to Madden NFL 13," said Cam Weber, general manager of American football at EA Sports. "With the season in full swing we're pleased to provide yet another way for football fans to interact with their favorite sport 24/7."

The new Draft Duels mode comes on the heels of the third post-launch title update for Madden 13, which also focused on improving the Ultimate Team experience. You can check out some screenshots of Draft Duels in the gallery above.

Madden Ultimate Team is available only in the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Madden 13.

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