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Russian bank robbers for hire promote their services with Grand Theft Auto fan art

An online service offering criminals for hire features more than just the offer of theft, but a stolen fan art illustration as well, Kotaku reports.

DeviantArt user Patrick Brown created "Man on a Mission," the Grand Theft Auto 4 tribute piece featuring Niko Bellic that displays prominently in the Russian ad. According to Krebs on Security, who originally reported the story, it offers crooks for hire in New York, California, Illinois and Florida. The ad promises the following services to its buyers, which extends to draining bank accounts, stealing tax refunds and intercepting fraudulent purchases:

  • Unique administrative interface - fast response
  • We will react momentarily to any new task
  • Adapt every action of a money mule to client's requirements
  • Timely payments via WebMoney/Liberty Reserve/Western Union, cash conversion with WU/MG
  • Cashout of tax return, D + P (dump & PIN, cashout of debit cards stolen via skimming)
  • Receive over mail or expensive merchandise pick up in a store
  • Mules are available for other interesting transactions

Online users are granted a remote login panel to check the progress of their hired man — as long as they're willing to part with 40-45 percent of the profit.

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