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Mass Effect 3: Omega creators treated the station as a separate character

Mass Effect 3's latest downloaded content, Omega, revolves around themes of relationships and moral choices — a feat partly achieved by treating the Omega station as a character itself, producer Fabrice Condominas wrote in a recent BioWare developer blog post.

According to Condominas, Omega has always been a special place for the Mass Effect team. Character relationships were a big part of the DLC, and so the team began with Omega ruler Aria T'Loak and her home.

"We decided early on to treat Omega, the station itself, as a character from a narrative standpoint," Condominas wrote. "To do this, we needed to define the nature of the relationship between Aria and Omega — it is one of deep love, where passion and jealousy are involved. Aria's thirst for revenge is not only driven by what typically motivates her-pride and power-and when she is faced with losing Omega, Aria becomes enraged like someone whose lover has been taken away."

Omega is Mass Effect 3's largest DLC to date, clocking in at about four hours of gameplay and close to 2GB in size. The DLC offers a personal history of Aria, as well as the game's first female Turian, Nyreen. Nyreen acts Aria's opposite, and the player must make decisions based off of both women's radically different standpoints.

Mass Effect 3: Omega released on Nov. 27 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC for $14.99, or 1200 Microsoft Points. Omega is not available for the Wii U.

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