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Sony patent shows what a hybrid DualShock/Move controller would look like

A patent filed May 25, 2011 and made public yesterday shows how Sony would like to combine classic and motion gaming in one controller.

The patent is available on Free Patents Online, and describes a "hybrid separable motion controller" that combines features of the currently-available DualShock and Move controllers in one device. Together, both halves look like a DualShock controller. When separated into its second "embodiment" along its vertical axis, it's a Move controller.

Each side includes a speaker, vibration module and an accelerometer. The abstract for the patent describes its purpose:

The controller includes a first portion including a first handle, a first medial connector defined along a length of the first handle, and a first geometric object defined at an end of the first handle. The controller further includes a second portion including a second handle, a second medial connector defined along a length of the second handle for coupling to the first medial connector, and a second geometric object defined at an end of the second handle. The first portion or the second portion includes a connection sensor for determining whether the controller is in a connected configuration or a disconnected configuration.

You can check out the entire patent, including more artwork, here.

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