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Karateka coming to Steam Monday, discounted 10 percent first week

Jordan Mechner's remake of 1984 8-bit classic Karateka will launch on Monday, Dec. 3, for Steam, along with ebook The Making of Karateka: Journals 1982-1985.

Karateka is a rhythm-based fighter set in feudal Japan. In a recent interview with Polygon, Mechner explained that the remake will feature three playable characters with three different endings. Each character must fight to resuce and win the hand of the princess Mariko from evil warlord Akuma.

The Making of Karateka is an ebook edition of Mechner's journal during the creation and publishing of Karateka. A print edition is expected to follow at an undisclosed date.

Karateka is priced at $9.99, with a 10 percent discount during its first sale week. The remake launched on Xbox Live Arcade on Nov. 7, with a PSN and iOS version coming soon.

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